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Here is where you will find all the latest issues of our magazines. 

They are completely free to download and contain original content that cannot be found anywhere else on our blog! Simply click on any issue to download.

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The First Issue... 


The official first issue of Expedition Pursuit.  In this issue I explore the gravity of wander lust epitomised by Christopher McCandless. I get talking to Felix Poblozski who has toured across Europe in his van; Melissa Ramm who indulged me with her life at sea and Nathan Lee who told me stories about the spectral and secluded wilds of Knoydart. This issue also marks the start of our exclusive 'Gear Highlight' series.  

Key Information 

Date of Release: 28/04/22

Contents: France; Spain; William Perry Fogg; Uncharted; Sailing; Bear Grylls; Wilbur Smith; Christopher McCandless;  Hadrian's Wall; Knoydart; Gear Highlight

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