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Expedition Pursuit is a blogging community dedicated to sharing travel experiences ranging from posts about preparation, the expedition and reflection.


Travel writing can be achieved through expensive ventures but at Expedition Pursuit however,  we don't believe in money being the gateway to true experiences. We blog journeys living on the trail we travel on through backpacking. Our goal is to see as much of the world's biggest game trails as possible, document them and immerse our readers so that they take the journey with us. 

Ultimately, we want our readers to take a step out of the 21st century comfort zone... drop the phone and delve into the mysteries and beauty of the planet they live on. Of course this is not always as easy as it sounds which is why, as well as lending our own experiences, we offer a range of blogs on how to eat healthy- at home and on the trail, how to get fit for that hike you've been meaning to do and how to prepare for it in a professional manner so that you can undertake it with friends or even alone! ​

Here at Expedition Pursuit we are so far a small family with goals of something much bigger but the reader will remain forever at our hearts. We are everything outdoors and thus have an open door policy. If you want to work with us, submit photos, videos or your own blogs then get in touch using the information on our contact page.


Also, while you are here, why not check out our shop where we pride ourselves in selling reliable and tested outdoor products that will serve you loyally in your own adventures.

Warm Regards, 

Jake Shortland


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